Christopher Adams — Director

Juan Pablo Ardila

Francis Ayombil — Director of Education

William Bone — Director at Comegys

Dominque Caggiano

Peter Carman

Lisa Caruso — Co-Director of Communication

Luiz Chamon — Co-Founder, Director of Finance

Stephanie Cheng — Co-Director of Communication

Alberto Ciancio — Co-Founder, Co-Director of Research

Alessandro Curti — Director of Social Events

Xavier Dapena

Jennifer Dumaine

Matias Escobar-Aguirre — Director at Lea

Jim Fouracre — Co-Founder, Executive Director

Siddharth Kishore

Alex Millen

Leon Morales

Takashi Nakamura — Director at Mitchell

Joshua Parris

Alex Ponsen — Co-Founder, Director at Myers

Gabriel Raeburn

Marco Ruella — Co-Founder, Director of Partnerships

Jane Schulte

Amy Van Pelt — Co-Director of Research